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Meeting Challenges with Customized Solutions

3W Insights has delivered efficient, effective solutions for a variety of clients. We have helped solve challenges in industries including financial services, pharmaceutical, energy, environment, education, international development, non-profit, health, telecoms, technology, trade associations, and political campaigns.

Below are just a few examples.

FInancial Services.jpg

Financial Services

The Challenge: 
Coming out of the 2007-8 economic recession, a trade association representing a financial services sector was concerned that voter antipathy and a lack of clarity around the value proposition of their companies would result in a critical series of new regulations, hurting if not destroying their sector.​

The Solution: 
We designed a research program that allowed us to understand how the sector was viewed across all relevant stakeholders, from DC Policy Elites to Financial Analysts to Voters. Using both quantitative and qualitative research, we developed a platform of messages that could be used to educate these key audiences about the value of the sector. ​

The Results: 
By identifying the right messages, by audience, we built an overarching Message Architecture that enabled us to shift views of the sector among each of those audiences, mitigating the existential threat. And tracking research 12 months later confirmed that our messaging had reached each of our targeted audiences. ​

Trade Media.jpg

Trade Media

The Challenge: 
A trade publication for a DC-centric industry was looking to grow its subscription base while offering interesting content for its current subscribers.​

The Solution: 
We collaborated on a thought leadership survey that was broadly released, as well as mined for interesting content and for broader media publication. The survey was conducted with the subscription list, which, given the publication’s prominence, allowed us to talk about the “State of the Industry,” as its readers largely comprised the professional class within the industry.​

The Results: 
The survey provided data and topics for at least three large media hits, as well as months of content for the publication. The publication also grew its subscriber base by 5%.​

Health Services.jpg

Health Care

The Challenge: 
One of the larger industries in the health care space is also one of the most misunderstood, and often disparaged. There was no shortage of primary and secondary research, but much of it was either unfocused, misused, or underused. The association needed help to identify all of the research that was available (both internal and external), find a way to synthesize it all, and create a framework for more effective research moving forward to help the organization better represent its members.​

The Solution: 
We worked with the client and their consultants to identify, collect, and aggregate disparate data sources into one platform that gave us the insights we needed to chart a process forward.  ​

The Results: 
The client reported that the new process had positioned them within their organization as a central hub for insights and knowledge, allowing them to achieve their current mandate, and to expand their work across the organization. ​

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