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Commentary and Analysis

Data-inspired insights are not just useful inside the conference room. 

Jason Boxt, 3W Insights founder and principal, is available for on-air commentary, think pieces, or quotes about hot topics in the news.

Contact to book.


October 22--Noted researcher and brand thought leader Jason Boxt launches 3W Insights, a strategic consultancy dedicated to data-inspired solutions for corporate, non-profit, and political challenges. READ MORE>>


Analysis of the 2016 New York  primary results.

CGTN's Mike Walter spoke to Jason Boxt about key issues surrounding the U.S. midterm elections.

Discussion of the 2016 presidential campaign, Super Tuesday, and what the electorate could expect.

Jason Boxt blog posts at The Times of Israel


Jason Boxt blog posts at The Huffington Post

The Normalization of Cannabis


2018 Cannabis Culture Poll

Consultants Mostly Optimistic on Industry's Future on Campaigns and Elections

Jason Boxt Interview with International Futures Forum

What Can the United States Teach Scotland About Campaigning?

Global Climate Change Research Findings

Analysis of Polls and the Hillary Clinton Campaign on Policy Network


Jason Boxt leads a panel of international experts in discussion about geopolitics (AUDIO)

BBC analysis of the President Trump's first State of the Union (AUDIO)

BBC discussion on the 2016 race for the White House (AUDIO)

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